We are very lucky to have found this particular property – it’s perfectly situated for what we have envisioned – a thoughtful community that reminds us of the sublime, nostalgic days of our youth. It was a golden era when we knew and looked out for our neighbors, spent summer holidays together and offered our families a healthy environment, always learning from the great outdoors and making life long friends.

That cherished feeling has guided us through our planning, and together with our smart and efficient design, outdoor living spaces, Green construction and old world craftsmanship, we will offer beautiful homes that show consideration for nature and our environment. To that end, we have chosen to leave almost five of our 17 acres in a natural state, to support the indigenous species of the area.

Be it day after day, or season after season, the community will hold the feeling of coming home again.

We truly hope you will have many wonderful Memories Made Here.

Jeb Ferster and Ed Goertzen
BrightStone Property Co.